REVIEW: BBC Good Food.


As expected, the BBC Good Food website is pretty good. When they do something, they tend to do it seriously and with a lot of well-considered time and effort—this is no exception.

Click here to for the rest of the review….

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Supermarkets and Consumer Attitudes Questionnaire

I designed this questionnaire to gauge some common attitudes towards issues concerning the food industry. If you come across this, please — have a go, it takes two minutes and the more respondents the better.


Attitude analysis: Big supermarkets and the British consumer.

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Great copyright law doc, showed to us by Adnan Hadzi

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Welcome to Ecuador!

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Hilarious snow-art … not that traditional yet brilliant all the same.


Duke of Beaufort Pub in Brighton. (I did not take this photograph or make the snow zombies)

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Roma persecution

Euro Gypsies: ‘The Right to Roam’ 21STCENTURYWIRENEWS


Pretty sad and sadly unsurprising story about  a very ancient and long persecuted ethnic group being marginalised in Europe.

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